ARD Survey Results July 2020

Posted by [email protected] on Jul. 17, 2020  /   0

Our most recent survey of members gave insight into how the Covid pandemic is affecting our members. We had 49 responses.

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Great Expectations and Corona Confusion

Posted by [email protected] on May. 27, 2020  /   0

So we have plenty of time on our hands and in our heads. What do we do with this unexpected, unprecedented time (opportunity)? Let’s use our heads.

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Beware of the Corona Effect

Posted by [email protected] on Apr. 24, 2020  /   2

The Coronavirus is obviously creating stress for most of us. It is also creating opportunities for DSOs (those large, corporate Dental Service Organizations) that are taking advantage of dentists’ stress and buying distressed practices...

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COVID Considerations

Posted by [email protected] on Apr. 2, 2020  /   0

People under stress often make poor decisions. During these days it is important to remember that, and we can see it with the volatility of the markets. Fear and greed are exacerbated and drive financial decisions in more exaggerated ways.

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COVID-19 Discussion

Posted by [email protected] on Mar. 25, 2020  /   0

This current biological and financial situation is probably causing concerns and questions for you. We have many bright people among our members and contacts, and we think they can help.

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COVID-19 Pandemic & ARD Updates

Posted by [email protected] on Mar. 20, 2020  /   0

Greetings! Our Board’s recent conversation with October’s speaker, Dr. Ken Druck was informative, inspiring, and particularly encouraging in light of the current pandemic...

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ARD Executive Board

Posted by [email protected] on Mar. 9, 2020  /   0

Our Executive Board: L-R Dr. Neil Hiltunen, Dr. Steve Smith, Dr. Peter Thomas, Mr. Jim Williamson, Mr. Rick Szilagyi; Missing Dr. Marc Brown.

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Jack Levine

Posted by StarChapter on Jan. 7, 2020  /   0

Jack Levine, one of our members and active volunteers, had an article printed in The Compendium of Continuing Education in Dentistry.

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A More Beautiful Question

Posted by StarChapter on Dec. 14, 2019  /   0

A More Beautiful Question, by Warren Berger, Bloomsbury USA, NY, 2014 Though we are always seeking answers, we don’t often ask ...

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The Soul of Money

Posted by StarChapter on Dec. 14, 2019  /   0

The Soul of Money, by Lynne Twist, Norton Paperback, NY, 2017; This book allows insights into our own relationship with money, which can be a very important...

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