Great Expectations and Corona Confusion

Posted by [email protected] on May. 27, 2020  /   0

So we have plenty of time on our hands and in our heads.  What do we do with this unexpected, unprecedented time (opportunity)? Let’s use our heads.

In large part our lives move forward in the direction of our plans, dreams, and expectations.  This pandemic has made the fabric of our lives into a blanket, smothering some of those dreams forever, and allowing others to hibernate, preparing for the time a new day arrives, the blanket is removed, and new light provides energy for dreams to blossom. 

There’s a difference between plans, expectations, and dreams. Let’s have some fun thinking about these in light of this pandemic, and how it is affecting our thoughts. 

Plans are specific, measurable, and usually timely.  This pandemic and its confusing consequences have completely disrupted most of our plans.  That is just a matter of fact.  

How we think about those disruptions is a matter of mind, and usually is tied up in our expectations.  Before the pandemic we largely expected life to go ahead as planned. Now that it hasn’t we’re disappointed, angry, or depressed.  We had great expectations for work, vacations, family, and retirement before the pandemic, and now those expectations are confused, creating stress.  Lowering expectations reduces stress and allows us to “accept that which can’t be changed”. 

Dreams.  Now here is where we can blossom.  Under this pandemic blanket are all sorts of seeds. These seeds are thoughts and dreams that we have had and new dreams that are being created.   They are very different from expectations because they can be created or discarded relatively easily depending on our mindsets as we interpret events in our environment. Our current environment may include the presence of mental weed seeds resulting in tangles of thorny, bramble barriers to progress.  Or, we can find feed seeds that produce abundant flowers or fruits, food for the joy and growth of us all. 

At this time it is probably more productive and enjoyable to spend more time dreaming than planning or expecting.


-Neil S. Hiltunen, D.M.D., F.A.G.D.   

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