Association of Retiring Dentists Membership Application

At the Association of Retiring Dentists, our vision is to create and maintain an organization of resources through education and the exchange of experiences. Clinical dentistry is full of facts, techniques, and objective measures of success. Being retired from running a practice, we recognize the need for a community in which to share feelings, hopes, successes, and failures. Our goal is to provide you with opportunities to grow and form stronger interpersonal connections throughout the continuum of your dental career.

Benefits available to ARD Members include:

  • Guidance and planning assistance from the early stages of your career, through the transition to retirement, and beyond

  • Opportunities to help others through volunteering, sharing career knowledge, and connecting with other dentists

  • Specialized mentoring opportunities

  • Part-time work opportunities, including teledentistry positions

  • Reduced-cost access to ARD Meetings and

  • Discounts on various vendor products and services

Membership Dues: $225/year

Member Application