This Association is composed of individuals and groups of dentists. Members can utilize this website for sharing experiences and exploring opportunities based on our TOPICS. These topics are dynamic and can be expanded as needed. Membership is restricted to dentists who are or have been licensed and those non-dentist contributors who are intimatelRetired Dentisty involved in dentistry.

Small local groups (6-14 dentists) meet informally to discuss a prearranged topic and have a light dinner like pizza and beverage. Each participant chips in for the dinner that may be around $8-$15. The meeting place is often an office conference room or other facility that doesn’t charge for use of the space. Usually, but not necessarily, a local expert is invited to facilitate the discussion. The speaker is not paid. However, we have also found that often the speaker may generate business from the presentation. It is strongly recommended that the speaker is not “selling” anything. This format has worked well for our first group in the Seacoast of New Hampshire.

There should be one coordinator for the group, and it is helpful for that person to take notes and summarize the meeting for the members. This summary would be distributed to the members via e-mail or this site.